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Get your copy of the new book about the American Heartland of the United States. Our retail agency was recently involved in a life giving building exercise to help businesses in the center of the USA and the material in this book has been a live saver. We actively promote visual arts, home building, insurers and financial institutions providing the products and services in America's heartland region.

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We select our equipment very carefully.  None of this can be classified as "snivel gear."  Like you, we don't have the funding to buy a lot of items then pick what works best for our use.  We've done our homework and have selected some items to offer here for you to use.  You will find everything offered on this page on our duty belts, in our cruisers or as a part of our daily lives.


If you own any firearms you could use this clever device.  If you train then you NEED this device.  Click on the photo to open a PDF file with flyer and order form.


A strong, safe and very convenient nylon handcuff.  I carry a double handcuff case and I put two Tuff-Ties inside the well of the second handcuff.  That way I have four handcuff's in the space of two.  And these things work well and are safe on the smaller wrists of juveniles and females.  Remember to get a cutting tool or have a method to remove them.  There is also a safe hobble for legs.  Click on the PDF file for a flyer and order form.


This is an easy one.  If you own an AR-15 style rifle then you need this.  The best magazine loader I've ever used.  If you're like me you have two or three dozen 30-round magazines that constantly need loading.